Pedophile is not the scary looking guy in a long coat with scars on his face. Usually, they are around us in the form of easily trust-able and seemingly harmless people. In most of the cases, close relatives, maids/servants/employees and tutors are found guilty of child abuse & sexual harassment. The reason is that parents trust them blindly, thinking them completely harmless. Sometimes this blind trust may lead your child to a mishap. Dear Parents, child is yours! And it’s your sole responsibility to protect him/her from any misfortune .

Here are few security/precautionary measures to minimize the said threat.

1 – Tell your child that if anyone put their hands on their private body parts, cry loudly. If you feel shy to tell such thing, someone else will tell them practically and it will be devastating for the poor kid.

2- Usually mothers take care of their daughters but ignore their sons. Whereas the young boys also need the same care and concern because they can also be targeted. Do not let your child get mixed up with elder cousins or neighbors of either gender.

3- Today’s environment and synthesized food is causing premature adolescence. So keep an eye on your kid’s activities even though he is 8 or 9. child abuse

4- Parents too, should be careful in their words and actions in front of their kids. Because children will copy them without knowing anything. A few days ago, I personally saw a 5 or 6 years old girl and a boy touching each other’s body in a suspicious way, in the park, while their family was also there. But no one was noticing them. We all know that the kids had no idea of what they were doing. But still they must had seen all this happening somewhere.

5- Dressing is very much important. Always dress your daughters in full and a bit loose. I am surprised of the women who themselves wear full and nice dresses but put tight and short dresses on their daughters. Tight and short dresses make your child even more attractive for the abusers.

6- Do not trust the elders too much, especially those who recently approached the mid age or single. Many guys with grey are seen taking advantage of their age. Because no one suspects them.

7- If a tutor comes to your place for tuition, do not leave your child in isolation with him/her.

8- Sending your child to a hostel is not a good idea at all. Your innocent child deserves your love and care.prevent child abuse

9- Do not allow your child to stay at relative’s/friend’s place for a longer time if you are not accompanying.

10- If your child feels afraid or hesitant to go to some place or a specific person, do not force him. Instead, talk to the kid, and try to find out the actual reason of this fear/reluctance.

Dear parents, your child is your asset, your future and above all your responsibility. Please value it!!!

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