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How to decorate your baby’s room

Are you going to be a parent for the first time? You must be very much concerned about furnishing the room of your newborn. Do you think, you really know what kind of furniture you need to set your baby’s room? Don’t be confused anymore. Just have a quick look on the list of these 10 top important items.

The Cribcrib

Cribs are available in different shapes and sizes. You can pick a convertible one that can be converted to a small bed. Select a crib keeping its safety guards in view.

A Change Table

These come in a wide range from big to small but one with drawers will be best for you. It will give you extra storage. Young  Babies enjoy dropping things, so a change table with a high side will be really convenient.

baby room


A Comfortable Chair


A comfortable chair for you will be essential after long sleepless nights. One with armrests will be preferred. It will make feeding baby easy.

Proper Window Dressings

A dark room is necessary for a kid’s sound sleep. It also helps to teach the difference between day and night. If luckily the room has sun, you can manage the heat and light, according to need, with good curtains in all weathers.



No matter  you go all out to decorate, or pick things hygienic and simple, personal touch is an essential ingredient for this room. It will feel more like a bedroom when baby grows. Simple things like applying a theme, or family photo frames, family pets or even the parents will become important and dear for the baby.


Night Lights

You will have to spend more time in your baby’s room during nights in first few months. Night lights will help your baby to differentiate  between day and night. A light dimmer will work good. Dim light will make it seem like night. At the same time you will be saved from tripping over the things.

A Clockbaby room

You need a clock in the room to keep the timing of feedings, bedtime and any other scheduled thing. Pick a clock matching with the applied theme of the room.

Kids’ Bookshelf

Books are a big must. But pile of books makes room look messy . You need a bookshelf for this room. It is not only for books, you can put toys and little stuffed objects in it too. Low priced bookcases are easily available in market. Get the case fixed with wall otherwise there is a chance of toppling over when baby grows old enough to choose a book .

Laundry Basket

You know you will

baby room

have to wash more clothes, almost on daily basis, in first few months, but I hope you really don’t know the actual amount. It may surprise you. It’s a lot more than you thought. Keep a good sized laundry basket close to the change table, it will save your precious time.

Baby Monitor

It is to keep a watch on your bundle of joy. You can choose a monitor with a high-tech display screen or keep to the ones with sound only. It will keep you from anxiously checking him or her every ten minutes. Rest assure that the wires are out of your baby’s reach.

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