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Coffee Benefits Health More than To Harm

It is a disbelief that coffee is bad for health. It is actually quite beneficial for human health. It contains lots of antioxidants and useful nutrients that can enhance your health and well being. Medical studies across the world have shown that coffee drinkers have much lower risks of several serious

Here are some Health Benefits

Boosts Energy Level Up

Caffeine, a major ingredient of coffee, is a great stimulant that is absorbed in the blood and taken to the brain. It enhances functioning of brain. A study has shown that it improves the memory, vigilance, moods, energy level, reaction time and general cognitive function.



Helps in Fat Burning

You might have noticed that every fat burning supplement contains caffeine in it and coffee is one of the very few natural substance that helps in burning fats. Studies have shown the increase of 3-11% boost in the metabolic rate.

Helps in Improving Physical Performance

Caffeine increases the level of adrenaline in blood. Adrenaline is a hormone that helps us to deal with intense physical exertion. Caffeine breaks down the fat cells and make them available as fuel for the body. It can improve physical performance by 11-12 percent.

Nutritional Facts

One cup of coffee has Vitamin B2 11% of RDA. Vitamin B5 6% of RDA. Manganese and Potassium 3% of RDA. Minimizes the Risk of Diabetes Coffee drinkers are less likely to get diabetic. Studies have shown that people who drink coffee have 23-25 percent lesser risk of being diabetic. An other study has shown this reduction up to 67 percent

Lowers the Risk of Liver Diseasescoffee

Several liver diseases like fatty liver and hepatitis damage the liver and may lead to a severe condition called cirrhosis of liver. It is found that people who drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day have 80% lower risk of getting such problems.

Minimizes Death Risk

As with the coffee drinkers it is less likely for them to get ill with such diseases so is there less risk of them dying early. Several studies have shown that among the coffee-drinkers the risk of dying early is reduced by 20-25% as compared to the non coffee drinkers. Therefore, we can reasonably say that coffee may help you live longer and healthier.

Prevents from Parkinson’s Disease

It is also found that it can prevent one from developing Parkinson’s disease. But it is to be noted that people who drink decaffeinated coffee might not have a lower risk of this

Reduces the Risk of Cancer

It might be surprising for many of us that coffee works as a protective agent against liver cancer and colorectal cancer.

As an Antidepressant

It can combat depression and make you feel happier. It has turned out that people who drink coffee get less depressed. A study also revealed that the coffee-drinkers are also less likely to commit suicide as compared to the non drinkers.

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