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How to start with FOREX

Forex Trading Guide

A guy sitting in front of a personal computer and making money through forex doesn’t really mean that anyone can jump into it without a skill. A keen and continuous practice is required to gain skill and earn money in it. And nothing substitutes experience in this case. Otherwise you will be doing nothing but wasting your money.

To start with, almost all the forex brokers allow you to open a free practice account , so that you could understand how does it work actually. Using this account you trade under real market terms and conditions with imaginary money. You sell and buy goods with fictional money so your loss or profit is also unreal. But it helps you to understand the mechanism of this business.

Finding a forex broker
The first thing you will have to find is a forex broker. There is a variety of brokers in the market providing different types of software and trading tools. You’ll need to pick one that make you feel easy with the customer service and the tools it offers. I would advise you to try at least 3 or 4, before making an ultimate choice and settling on any specific broker.

Trading with Leverage
The forex markets do not seem to be friendly for beginners. It will take you some time getting used to. Working with retail forex accounts is like having a fully loaded gun in your hand. If you handle it with respect and care, everything will be alright, but a small negligence can bring you a major injury.A trader cannot survive for long if he doesn’t understand the concept of leverage and margin. It’s a tool that allows you to convert a small amount of power into a bigger amount. Using this tool enables you to control a bigger trade of the market despite having a low balance in your account. For example you have 4:1 leverage and make a $200 trade in the live market, you’ll have to put up $50 only from your account. Hope you understand that you have no fear to lose more than that you have in your account. You may lose money quickly but you won’t end up with a negative balance. A great respect is needed to treat with leverage otherwise consequences could be drastically harmful.

Finding a Forex System
It’s not so easy to find a good and suitable forex system for you. It doesn’t mean that there are no good systems. Of course there are many but to evaluate a system you will have to give it a try. The systems, with grand banners like “the best forex systems that will make you rich in a day”, will be mostly making the person rich who is selling the system. So don’t rush desperately for the things that you really don’t find reliable. Think hard before you buy anything.

Coming Into Your Own
After testing some trading systems and getting involved with the market for a while, you’ll start to build up your self-confidence. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be an expert within a month or two, as the learning process have no limits. But you will reach a point where you will have enough sense to start trading with real money with confidence.
Remember a rule that you will never use more money than that you can afford to lose. This will save you from many harms. Don’t go for trading in dollars unless you master in pennies.

Forex trading offers some huge investment opportunities , don’t take it as a get rich quick plan. Just like other investment methods, it, too, takes time and some talent to make money. Have patience, be a keen observer, take lessons from your mistakes and you will definitely flourish.

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