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Juice Healthier, Myths & Facts

Things to Remember

Consuming fresh juice is an easier and quicker way to get nutrition and energy for the body, but certain essential things must be kept in mind before juicing up.

Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly to get rid of all dirt and pesticides.

Please ensure the cleanliness of appliances and a juicer for juicing, and wash them clean immediately after use.

Try the combinations of your least favorite vegetable with your favorite fruit for a healthy juice balance.

Utilize an assortment of fruits and vegetables for juicing. Do not consume the same juice every day.

The addition of some of the pulp back into the juice can be more beneficial. This pulp can be added to a soup or rice dish as well.

The addition of ground flaxseeds or ground ginger will make your juice even healthier.

The nutritional value of the juice may drop, and bacteria can develop if you do not consume it immediately after preparation.

There are plenty of myths about making and consuming fresh juice. This article will help you to understand the facts and debunk the myths.

Myth 1. A juice cleanse will help reduce weight

Weight loss occurs if your caloric intake is lower than your caloric consumption rate. Therefore, if you consume 1300-1400 calories of juice daily for a cleanse, and your recommended calorie intake is 1800 calories, you are prone to lose weight because of the calorie shortfall. But a juice cleanse is similar to a low diet, and any weight loss will be for the short term only, and as you go back to your regular diet, you will possibly put on all those lost kilos back.

Furthermore, a juice diet is nutritionally unbalanced because you are not consuming the required quantities of fiber, protein, and other nutrients. This may cause a loss of muscle mass and food cravings, and other health issues such as high blood sugar. So, it’s best to utilize the advised one serving of juice as part of a balanced diet and reduce your overall calorie intake to lose weight in a healthy way.

Myth 2. Juice is a detoxifier

We don’t have any scientific proof to support this statement. The liver and kidneys detoxify and cleanse the body in a natural process. Unfortunately, a cleanse can also cause adverse side effects like a lack of energy, headaches, bad temper, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and constipation.

Myth 3. Fresh juice helps the body to absorb nutrients quicker and better than whole fruits and vegetables.

The fact is our digestive system is designed to obtain nutrients from different foods, even those rich in fiber. Moreover, fiber plays a vital role in digestion and excretion and is essential for digestive and gut wellbeing.

Consuming whole fruits and vegetables is a much healthier choice than drinking fresh juice or a smoothie.

Ramsha Shahid

Doctor of Human Nutrition and Dietetics

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