Padmavati, (movie 2017) The historical Saga

Padmavati has become the hot topic of discussion before even its release. Deepika Padukone featuring historic saga is based on an epic poem written by Malik Jayasi in 16th century.


The main character of the story is a beautiful princess of Singhal Raj named Padmavati. King Ratton Sen , a Raajput Raja of Chittor falls in love with her and somehow gets married to her. In the meanwhile, two other preys of the princess’ beauty, Sultan Allauddin Khilji of Delhi and Raja Devpal of Kumbhalna, enter the story. And here starts an adventurous tale of LOVE, HATE, ENVY and REVENGE. Who will win the Princess’ heart and who will win the Princess, this is all what story spins about.padmavati

Raajput Karni Sena has expressed severe reservations about the story of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie. A noted member of the organization made it clear to the producers of the film that Raajput Karni Sena will not allow anyone to portray the distorted historical facts about their beloved Rani Padmavati at any cost.padmavati

It has always been a challenging job for the film makers to portray the historical characters and events with their true colors. Let’s see how Mr Bhansali deals with the historic saga this time.

Caste of the Film

Star caste includes Deepika Padukone as Princess Padmavati, Shahid Kapoor as Raja Ratton Singh and Ranbir Singh as Sultan Allauddin Khilji.padmavati

Music for the songs is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself and background music is composed by Sanchit Balhara.

Film will be in theaters on Friday, December 1st,2017.

So Folks, let’s wait and watch for the most awaited historic drama of the year 2017.padmavati

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