Parenting Tips for The Safety of Kids

Parenting is a full time job and needs a lots of keen attention and care. A little negligence can bring your baby a big harm. In this article I will give you an outline of major Do’s and Don’ts that you should follow to avoid any such mishappening. I will try to discuss all the important things that a parents should know for the safety of their kid.

The things you should do

1, Hygiene is the topmost priority, keep you baby neat and clean, it will save him/her from many problems.parenting

2, Nails are the best place for germs growth therefore always trim the nails properly with high care.

3, Wet nappy irritates the child and causes infections too. Wet nappy should be changed with a dry one after cleaning the body with a mild baby soap.

4, Wet nappy keeps the skin moist and may cause a fungal infection. Genital area must be kept dry.

5, To avoid dermatitis and fungal infection care of the scalp should be taken properly. Its only cleanliness that can assure you the prevention of many such infectionsparenting

6, Baby’s outfits should never be tight as it irritate the baby. Loose dresses are easy to remove and allow the air pass through.

7,Room should be clean and dust free, having sufficient light and ventilation. Measures should be taken to avoid insects.

8, A separate and water-proof bed, close to mother’s bed will be much preferred.

9, Music making toys near the baby will cast a pleasant impression on your baby.parenting

10, A great care must be taken while carrying the baby. Always support the head with hand because her neck muscles are too weak to support her head and a sudden fall of head can cause an injury.

11, When it comes to diet, nothing can compare mother’s. it gives the baby the best nutrition and an emotional attachment with mother. Always feed your baby in sitting position. Cleanliness of nipples is a must. During lactating period a mother should take good care of her own diet too.parenting

12, If there is some problem and mother feeding is impossible then you can go for cow’s milk. Feeding bottles should be cleaned with hot water to prevent bacteria. Keep feeders dry till next use.

13, Raw milk may carry some bacteria therefore boil it well before use.

14, Some babies are allergic to some elements like food, milk, fabric, cosmetics. It’s not much difficult to find out the thing causing allergy and elude such elements.

15, Mosquitoes are a big enemy of your child’s sound sleep. They also spread disease like malaria, dengue and yellow fever. Mosquito bite can also cause skin eruptions. Therefore mosquito nets should be used regularly to prevent your child.parenting

16, A calm and peaceful atmosphere is required for a sound sleep. Babies need to sleep more than adults as it is believed that growth hormone work more actively during sleep.

17, Keep an eye on your baby’s growth development, behavioral changes, personal social change, language progress etc but never be over conscious because every individual is slightly different from other.

18, Maintain a height and weight chart to assess the growth of your kid.

19, During early months of life infant may empty the bowels after every feed but there is nothing to worry about it. Proper potty training should be given when the infant grows by the age of ten months.

20, Always clean the potty seat with some antiseptic liquid before and after every use. Do not share toilet seat with anyone else.parenting


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