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A rejuvenating 5-day body detox plan to keep you going

Before jumping to the topic, its best to explain what the toxins actually are.Most of the people really dont have the idea that our body has many harmful chemicals that are produced regulary in it.There are some external factors also that can make the situation even worse.

In the modern age,you can not live a single day without facing pollution in different forms. At work, you can not make sure of the cleanliness of the water you drink or of the food you eat. While interacting with people, you can not avoid air pollution, be it from smokers, all types of sprays or from the exhaust of vehicles. This badly affects the health in one way or another. Do you think that when your body does not visibly react, it’s alright?? NO , its really NOT.

In order to keep a clean body system, detoxification is necessary. Which not only keep your body healthy but also results to healthy mind and healthy relationship with society.

Our body has its own mechanism of healing and
cleansing.However,unknowingly, when pollutants that enter our body had been accumulated more than the capacity of self cleansing, we are giving our body mechanisms a tough time. That cause the tissues extra stress and therefore leads to malfunction. And as they are weakened, detoxification process is also affected.

All of us definitely want to have a clean body. But it can not be done without our intended support in regulating the body processes. However, you should start taking care of your body organs before they get stressed out and overworked. In times when the body lacks the command to keep the systems working, the person must supplement. THE 5-DAY DETOX PLAN will greatly help you to keep the body systems at work properly. This 5-day detox plan will not rejuvenate the body only but the spirit as also, keeping it clean and toned.

DETOXIFICATION DIET will be an important part of this 5-day detox plan. While observing the detoxification plan, you will have to avoid certain foods.

1- You will take diet mostly consisting of fresh fruits and green, leafy vegetables.

2- Fats, oils, food preservatives and additives will be avoided completely undergoing the process of detoxification.

3- All types of meat should be kept off because they are hard to digest. For a day or two, eating meat in any form is dropped off from the diet.

IDEAL FOODS that you can take during this plan are as follow:

1- Garlic, broccoli, beets, and beans or nuts.

2- Only fresh fruit juices or shakes can be taken as beverages.

3- Exclude grapefruit.

4- Water is a universal solvent, increase your water intake from six to eight glasses daily. Water plays a major role in the detoxification process. It helps to remove the toxins in the forms of perspiration, urine, or stool.

It may make you feel that you are eating less when detoxifying, but rest assured that you are not starving, and ironically, you will even improve your stamina. It is because your food intake is limited only to healthy and fresh foods which are good to your digestive system.

You must observe a detoxfication plan quarterly. A professional nutritionist can also be consulted to get an effective detoxification plan. A doctor’s advice may also be sought to ensure that what you will do is a cleansing and not an addition of toxins to your body.

Through the process of detoxification, the toxins are removed from your body and a new wave of energy and well being is supplied to the body that will provide you both physical and mental alertness.

Its important to realise that cleanliness should be maintained not only in the outside, but more so in the inside.

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