Slumber ,The Most Horror Movie of 2017

Slumber, based on true accounts of people suffering from sleep infirmities and disorders is in theaters now.

Story lineslumber

Dr. Alice, specialized in sleep disorders, practicing at an institution. She too, in her childhood, has seen her brother dying while a sleep walk, under the influence of his an imaginary friend.slumber

A working class family brings their son to Dr. Alice. The whole family is suffering from sleep infirmities and has lost child in a recent dreadful sleep-related misshaping. Dr. Alice keeps the whole family under observation in a well equipped sleep lab. Meanwhile dad attacks a doctor at the lab and sent to jail. The doctors believed that the harsh and abusive behavior of the dad is responsible for the sufferings of the family. But the hypothesis goes wrong when the phenomena gets worst back at home.slumber

Then everyone has to accept that the family is being victimized by a demon, who feeds on the weak while they sleep. It is also unveiled that the same demon was responsible for dr. Alice’s brother in his childhood. To defeat the demon Dr. Alice has to journey through her childhood dreams once again. Plot of the film Slumber is beautifully woven.

Release Date: December 01,2017. (Limited release)

Star Cast: Maggie Q as Dr. Alice, Sylvester McCoy as Amado, Kristen Bush as Sarah Morgan, Will Kemp as Tom Arnold, William Hope as Malcolm, Sam Troughton as charlie Morgan.slumber

Genre: Horror

Run time: 85 minutes

Director: Jonathan Hopkin

Studios: Vertical Entertainment.

Rating: R for some disturbing material and language.slumber




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