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Smokey Eye Make Up step by step

Eyes being the most prominent facial feature plays a significant role to attract the attention of others. Beauticians strongly believe that eye make up is one of the best means to boost your facial features.smokey eye make up There is a wide range of eye makeup styles and techniques that you can try to enhance your looks according to the occasion. A variety of cosmetics and tools related to eye make up is also available in the market. Before doing smokey eye make up shape of your eyes, skin type, color scheme of your outfits, occasion and time must be kept in mind. Eye make up not only helps you to improve your features but it also helps to conceal the defects.

Colors and Shades for Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are in vogue these days.smokey eye make up Smokey eye make up gives you a glamorous sensuous look. There are many styles like neutral smokey eyes, galaxy star smokey eyes and dramatic smokey eyes. You can go with any style with the colors of your choice. You can try shades of grey, plum, green, red and blues. Combination of different colors with pitch black can also be tried. The thing you need to remember is that light colors are for day use and dark colors are good to wear at night. Always use good quality makeup brushes to apply makeup to get better results.

Smokey Eye Make up Step by Step

Step one is to prepare your eyes for make up by applying a good quality primer on your entire lid. Primer will help to hold the eye makeup for a longer time. It will make the application of eye shades easier and smoother.smokey eye make up

You will need three different shades to do smokey eye make up. The lightest shade is for the brow bone. Apply it with the help of a brush evenly on your brow bone.

The second lightest shade is to be applied from the inner corner of the lid to the three fourth part of your eye. This shade will be applied with outward strokes of the brush.

The third darkest shade will be applied from the outer corner of the eye to the lid. Work on it with inward strokes of the brush. Cover some part of second lighter shade with third darker shade.

Now it’s time to blend the dark shade into your crease with to and fro strokes of blending brush. The outer corners and crease of your eye must have darker shade. The inner corner and some part of lid has lighter shade.

Blend these two shades into a uniform transition using a fine clean blending brush. After completing with the upper lid take an angled brush and apply the lighter shade from inner corner of your eye to the half of the lid.smokey eye make up And then apply darker shade from outer corner to the half of the lid. Blend these two shades at their meeting point well. You can do smokey with shimmer and matte both the colors.

Now it’s time to apply an eye liner, liquid eye liner is preferred as it’s easy to apply and gives even more glamorous look to your eyes. Stretch your eye lid and start from the inner corner towards the outer corner. Eye liner must be applied very much close to the eye lashes.

Finally curl your eye lashes with the help of a curler and apply mascara on it. If you have short lashes you can go for false eye lashes too. It will make your eyes incredibly attractive. The right choice of the combination of colors and proper application will give you a dazzling smokey eyes.

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