Story of “40 Days and 40 Nights” without S**

Welcome back to the movie today. I’m going to tell the story of the film called 40 Days and 40 Nights from 2002.
This movie is about a guy who took the challenge of not masturbating for 40 days.
At the beginning of the movie, we see a guy named Matt. He knows all the techniques to seduce a girl. One day Matt was deleting porn from his laptop while he was inside a restaurant. In the next scene, we see that he came to his brother. His brother was taking training to be a priest in a church. He told his brother that he had broken up with his girlfriend, her name was Nicole. So, he’s having sex with new girls every day to forget her memories.
While having sex with them, he noticed that every time he was finishing too early, that’s why he could not satisfy the girls.

Matt asked his brother to help him, but his brother couldn’t do anything. Matt tries to make out with a random girl at a bar but once again finishes too early.
The next day Matt went to his office. He was a web designer. A man from the canteen told him that his ex-girlfriend Nicole had gotten engaged. So, he went to the place where Nicole was getting engaged. He became so sad, but since he was a playboy, he seduced another girl, and then he booked a hotel room with her.
40 days 40 nights
In the next scene, we see that matt was talking to his brother about this. Before his brother could say anything, Matt told him that he would not do any kind of sexual activities for the sake of his father. He won’t even masturbate. His brother tried to say to him that this was not an easy task. many men have failed to complete this challenge
But matt was so stubborn about it that he would not masturbate or have sex for the upcoming 40 days. The next day he threw away all of the things that turned him on. The first day went by very quickly. He solved some puzzles to spend his time. Suddenly Ryan came there and asked him to go to the club with him, but Matt told him that he needed to do laundry .in the evening, he met a girl named erica at the laundry. Erica tried to seduce him, but matt was stubborn about this challenge, so he acted as if mute. Because he knew that if he opened his mouth, then the very next moment, he would be in bed with Erica.
Erica told him that she would meet him next week in the laundry. one week had passed, and he was so productive with his job, and therefore his boss was so happy with him. that night, Ryan found his porn magazine in the dustbin. He asked matt what this was all about. Matt told him about his 40-day challenge.
The next day this news spread in Matt’s office like fire, and Ryan told them about this. His colleagues bet with each other about how long Matt will be able to control himself. Chris took this bet challenge one step ahead and put it on the internet. And that’s how the news spread all over the world.

Matt had no idea that they were doing this. The girls of the office, we’re also talking about Matt. A girl asked another girl, what do you think can matt control himself for 40 days. The other girl told her that he wouldn’t hold himself for 40 minutes, let me show you. Matt was busy with his job, but then the girl entered his cabin, and she tried to seduce him, but Matt was successful in controlling himself.
At night he went to the laundry to wash his clothes but then again, he met Erica. Both of them began to talk to each other. This time Matt spoke to her. Erica told him that she works as a cyber nanny officer in a company. This means she finds the adult sites on the internet and blocks them.
The next day Matt told Ryan about Erica; he said that today I’m going on a date with erica in the evening. We see them having a good time with each other they roamed around the city and had so much fun. At night when Matt was coming back after dropping Erica at her house, Erica was about to kiss him, but then Matt ran away from there.
When Matt was having lunch in the canteen the next day, the waiter asked him about his date. After hearing this, Matt became so worried about how they found it out. So, he only told Ryan about the date. He was thinking about it, and then Chris came there and explained everything to him. he also told him about the online bet. Erica also found out about this bet from the internet. Matt tried so much to convince her, but she didn’t listen to him. she told him that he’d used me to complete your 40-day challenge. Matt got so mad at Ryan and came back home. And then he shouted at him so much.
40 days 40 nights
The following week when Matt went to the laundry. He got a letter from Erica. In that letter, Erica invited him to have dinner with her. they were having dinner, but then Matt saw his ex-girlfriend Nicole. she came here with her fiancé. Matt became so upset after seeing her and tried to get out but then suddenly, his shirt caught on fire. He became worried and started to scream. Nicole also noticed him, and then Matt introduced Erica to Nicole. Erica became angry with her and asked him why he didn’t tell me earlier. And then she left.
The next day two more girls came to Matt’s cabin and tried to seduce him, but somehow Matt controlled himself and left. He told his brother that he had slowly begun watching all the girls as topless. His brother said to him that he should get help from his parents.
Matt had a meeting with his family. Meanwhile, their dad began to tell matt about his sexual life, which means Matt was hard to control himself.
On day 35, Duncan put viagra in Matt’s drink. Matt was about to drink the juice, but then his boss came there and drank the whole glass of juice. After drinking the juice, the Viagra started to affect his boss. On the other side, Duncan went to the storage room while looking for Matt. He told him that if he masturbates tonight, Duncan will win the bet as a reward of 18 thousand dollars, and he is ready to split the prize in half with Matt. After hearing this, Matt agreed with him and went to the bathroom with a tissue and a sexy magazine. Duncan was so happy about the bet, and everyone else was standing outside the bathroom as if there was a fair going on.
Matt was about to masturbate, but he heard someone masturbating beside him in the bathroom. He saw that it was none other than his boss. He had masturbated three times straight because of the Viagra. Matt ran away from there through the window. And then he went to Erica’s house to meet her. They touched each other with flowers and fell asleep.
40 days 40 nights
In the morning, when Erica woke up, she saw that Matt was not there. The next day Matt had a presentation. When he went there, he had a hard-on, and everyone noticed it. Therefore, his boss sent him back home.
On the other side, Nicole came to Matt’s house to meet him. Matt was so shocked after seeing her. Nicole broke up with her fiancé, and that’s why she came here to hook up with Matt. But still, Matt didn’t hook up with her.
On the 38th day, Nicole went to Chris and placed a bet. she found out that when the 40-day challenge was completed, Matt would make love with Erica on that day. after hearing this, Nicole was feeling so
jealous. she told Chris that she would make love with Matt before the challenge gets completed. On the other side, Matt was horny like hell. So he put some ice and cold water on it to calm it down.
On the 40th day, Matt started to see every girl naked. To get rid of this, he went to his brother for help, but his brother was trying to make out inside the church with a nurse. Matt told him that all I see now is boobs and va**na, but his brother said I couldn’t even control myself. How am I supposed to help you then?
That night Matt was trying to control himself, but then Ryan came there with a call girl. The girl also started to seduce Matt. Matt asked Ryan to tie him to the bed. Ryan tied him to the bed to fulfill his wish. And then he left with his call girl.
On the other side, Erica was getting ready for tonight. Matt was dreaming about making love and
sexual thoughts. Nicole came there, and she saw
that Matt was tied to the bed, and with this chance, she made out with him forcefully. Erica saw Nicole coming out of Matt’s room, and she thought that Matt had cheated on her. Therefore, she became upset and left.
After some time, once again, Erica met Matt in the laundry. Matt tried to convince her, and finally, Erica was convinced, and then they kissed each other and went to the room. Then they made love in the room. We saw that all of his friends were outside his room, and they were betting about how long Matt would be able to hold himself in bed this time.

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