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How to Apply a Perfect Foundation Base

A flawless single tone clear complexion is a dream of every woman and you are not an exception, but you really don’t need to worry anymore because here I will give you some key tips to attain a clear complexion by using a foundation base.

You can make your skin flawless not for special occasions only but for every day make up by using good quality cosmetic products. Though make up is an art but certainly there is no rocket science involved with it. You can attain perfection in it through a little practice and experimentation.

The Things To Keep in Mind for a Foundation Base Color match and Preparation of Skin

The most important thing to keep in mind before using a base is the choice of right color. foundation baseYou are going to apply base for a natural looking flawless complexion. Apply some base on your jaw line for compatibility test and blend it gently into the skin. When you have chosen the right shade apply it sparingly on your whole face starting from the middle and blend it with small patting strokes into your skin thoroughly. Never apply foundation on your naked skin, it will not give you fine results. Prepare your skin by applying some good moisturizer for base. A well hydrated skin will give you a fresh and natural look. A moisturizer or protecting or repair serum will help the foundation to set in and it will protect your skin from the damages as well.

Tips to use a Concealerfoundation base

Concealer as the name describes is used to conceal the dark spots and dark circles around the eyes. Mostly people are not sure about its application whether it must be applied before or after the base. The simple rule is that if you are using a liquid or cream foundation then concealer will be applied after the base. If you are using a powder base then apply concealer first and then puff your face with base.

Finishing Powder

When you are done with your base and concealer apply a good amount of finishing powder with a puff or powder brush on all over your face. Finishing powder must be started from T-zone area as it gets oily faster. After covering the T-zone puff the whole face with powder and brush off the extra powder.

Finishing powder with a moisturizing effect must be used. It will make the skin look healthier, natural and fresh.

Base and concealer help you to hide the flaws of your face. Moisturizer helps you to minimize the aging effect under your eyes and around the lips by decreasing fine lines There you are — with a perfect foundation base on your face, now you can go with your eye makeup, lipstick and blush on to give yourself a charming look.

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