Sci-Fi Movies of All Times Top 5

Outer space has always been a great mystery for all of us since childhood. We all are always anxious to know as much as possible about the unknown secrets of universe . Science fiction/sci-fi movies themed on outer space and universe are loved to be watched.

These movies usually based upon story of  unusual space expeditions and sudden turn of events. A never ending celestial darkness and space beyond infinity has been filmed artistically and realistically by many famous filmmakers of the world. Lot of them are memorable , haunting us with their fantastic computer graphics, fabulous imageries, wonderful visual effects and astonishing multimedia technologies.

Many amazing space movies are made in Hollywood in last few decades. Many of us have watched several of these sci-fi movies but it’s still a treat to watch these unforgettable movies again and again.Even though uncountable blockbuster space movies have been made till day, here we are trying to list the best space movies which you surely wouldn’t like to miss.

sci-fi movies

  1. Alien: This movie was made by Ridely Scott in 1979. It was a biggest smash hit of that time and made Sigourney Weaver a famous name. It was a suspense drama depicting a strange space creature that attacked and killed the crew of a spaceship. This alien story left the viewers craving for its sequels.

sci-fi movies

  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey: This enigmatic sci-fi was made when had not made it out to the moon yet. But Kubrick,s strong imagination resulted such a wonderful movie at that time when technology wasn’t modern. He filmed the details in a wonderful manner.sci-fi movies


  1. Apollo 13: Tom Hanks and Ron Howard starrer film became an Oscar winning drama. The realistic performance of the actors made it a feast for the eyes. The action, visualization, cinematography and finest space suits made it very much real. A sci-fi lover must watch this movie.sci-fi movies


  1. Star Wars: All the series of the films made under this title is immortal. George Lucas Star War series really doesn’t need an introduction. It’s a classical space saga with great amazing special effects. It is one of the best grossing movies of all ages.sci-fi movies


  1. The Black Hole: This super star studded film is an outstanding sci-fi artwork done by Disney. The story is about a research team that encountered a missing spaceship flagging on the edge of a dying star. The story is fabricated beautifully and never had a remake

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