Does iPhone 6 have some issues?

iphone iphone 6 has been a continuous source of headache for Apple since its launch because of its problems reported by the users. Some of them were genuine and some were reported by a handful of people that could be ignored too. The first problem was faced by the users when Apple launched the update for the iOS 8.0.1 operating system, it cut off the mobile signals and data networks completely and the users were unable to make calls and send or receive text messages. The users could not access internet without wifi either. And thus made the brand new gadget useless at all. It also disabled the touch ID function of the device. Instead of fixing the problem Apple the giant of technology withdrew it immediately. This unusable update of a software caused a major loss to Apple. The second issue that hundreds of users raised was its bending in the pocket. It is the slimmest Apple phone by now. Users claimed that the phone bent in their pockets while sitting for a longer time. The device is made out of thin aluminum so its bending with a good amount of force is not much surprising. I guess that’s why Apple kept quiet about this Bendgate issue raised by hundreds out of 10 million users.

Now here comes the third issue when people are claiming that their smart phone is pulling their hair and Apple is trying to get their DNA. It’s not like that actually but its only because of the seam between aluminum casing and glass display that caused the hair stuck and pulled. One might have experienced such hair pulling with their wrist watches having seam on their bottom. In the case of iPhone 6 this pulling of hair is very rare.


The hair-pull issue is reported by a very few people and it is totally involuntarily caused by the design of the body so please don’t take those videos, on social media, seriously which claims that Apple designed this device purposely to get your DNA.
Apple users really don’t need to be worried. Enjoy using your iPhone and wait for iPhone 7.

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