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Love Yourself and Know Your Worth

We will try to practice a new thing today. It is about giving RESPECT to yourself. We give a lot to people around us, like Love, Care, Respect, and Empathy, but we ignore ourselves. We get inflicted by the opinions, behaviors, and treatments of others and remained hurt or so. We do not give true Love and Care to ourselves. When people say something wrong about us, we start thinking negatively about ourselves and cause ourselves unnecessary pain. Decide one thing today “People will not decide what I will say to myself.”

Let’s try to understand it through an easy example if someone comes to you with an injury. What do you do to him? Obviously, you give him first aid, you clean the wound, you apply for some medicine, and then you try to comfort him with your words. It makes the injured feel better. The same goes with emotional or mental pain. In that case, nice and positive words work like medicine. But usually, we don’t do this to ourselves. We get hurt by others. If someone disapproves of our action and passes a negative comment, we start abusing and cursing ourselves instead of realizing that it’s their perception. Everybody has different choices and opinions, and we don’t need to get the approval of everyone for our existence.

Spirituality teaches us that we are loveful beings. We need to revise this lesson every morning. So bless yourself with one line every day,” I don’t need love from anyone, I am a loveful being, and I accept myself the way I am; it doesn’t mean that there is nothing I will change about myself, but I accept myself the way I am, I don’t need people to accept me.” It’s a very depleting feeling to want people’s approval to feel good about everything about ourselves, right from our clothes to what we have achieved. It makes us feel like a victim that allows people to manipulate us emotionally exploit us, and it gives them the power to reject. But if I love myself, no one can reject me.

We all need one person in our lives whom we believe will definitely be nice to us under all circumstances. That person is YOU. But you are not connecting to yourself. You are not giving time to yourself because you are so much busy with the world. Whenever you sit alone, you criticize yourself, so how can you befriend yourself.
You need to meet yourself. I will suggest a meditation practice for this. Meditation means being friends with myself. Sit alone, close your eyes and tell yourself,” I accept myself the way I am, and I love myself. I don’t need the world to be my way.”
A little meditation can master you in this art of loving yourself. And you will find yourself even a more energetic and confident person

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