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Nail Art Easy Tips and Tricks to make it Easier

nail art

Nail art is to give your hands extra beauty and charm. After benefiting from my previous article 10 easy steps to a complete manicure at home it’s time to enhance the beauty of your hands with nail art.

Things you will need for nail art at home

Nail polishes of different colors of your choice
Brushes of different shapes for different designs
Bobby pins to make dots
Tooth picks to make dots
Scotch tape
Cello tape
Pair of scissors
Band aid in round shape for making semi-circle design

Things to keep in mind while doing nail art

Manicure your nails nicely before applying colors. If you have short or bitten nails you can go for acrylic nails also so that your nail art can cast a full impact.

While doing nail paint your speed matters a lot as the nail polishes dry up very fast.

You can add glitters to your nail polishes to give a new look.

Feel free to use stick-on stones to shape a motif of your own style.

For a longer lasting work don’t forget to apply a coat of transparent nail polish after every two or three days.

Wear gloves while doing household jobs like washing and cleaning.

Don’t use your nails as a tool to open or tear anything as it may cause damage to your nails.

Use a nail enamel remover to rectify your mistakes while doing nail paint.

Last but not least like makeup nail painting is also an art so don’t hesitate trying new things. Like make-up there are NO RULES for nail art as well!

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