Selfie From Hell, A Horror Movie 2018

Selfie From Hell is an upcoming horror/mystery drama of 2018. It is an adaptation of a short film under the same title released in 2015. In short film strange and frightening things start happening when a girl tries to take a selfie to send her boyfriend.selfie from hell

Story line:

Meelah Adams is playing the role of Julia, a German internet blogger, who has come to The USA to spend some time with her cousin Hannah. While trying taking a selfie with Julia, Hannah notices her strange and weird reaction. Julia falls ill and an endless chain of scary happenings starts. Hannah tries to seek help from internet to find the cause of these mishaps. Her internet search leads her to Julia’s blog entries and here the real horror unveils.


selfie from hell

Cast: Alyson Walker as Hannah, Meelah Adams as Julia, Tony Giroux as Trevor, Tyler A.H. Smith as Selfie Man, Shaun Morse as Dr. Edwards, Matthew Graham as Dr. Jonas, Ian Butcher as F34R3473R.

Genre: Horror and Mystery

Director: Erdal Ceylan

Writer: Erdal Ceylan

Executive Producers: Paul Burton, Michael Fisher, Bentley Gurparm Brar, Chad Oakes, Andrew Lee Smith, Evan Tylor.


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