Story of A Man who remained fully conscious during his heart transplant “AWAKE” 2007

The film shows a doctor, Jack Harper, who feels guilty for failing to execute a heart transplant operation for his friend, Clay Beresford. A heart transplant is the process of replacing a person’s heart that has been damaged with a new heart. Then the scene rewinds to the event before the operation is performed. Clay is a young billionaire who suffers from heart disease, and he has a girlfriend named Sam. However, they are secretly in a relationship.

When Sam drives Clay to his mother’s house, she asks him to tell his mother about their relationship because she needs reassurance in their relationship. But it seems that Clay is not ready to tell his relationship to his mother because it is certain that his mother will be disappointed.

Later, Clay meets his friend, Dr. Jack. Dr. Jack tells him that there are now many malpractice charges against surgeons in his country simply because they fail to help their patients. Although it could be the patient’s fate, and it certainly can tarnish the good name of other surgeons. Afterward, he orders Clay to lie down on the operating table. Then, he simulates what process Clay will face in operation later. He also says that he doesn’t rule out the possibility of failure in operation, which means the possibility that Clay would not survive is very large. Because of that, he tells Clay to immediately finish his personal problems, such as telling his mother and getting him to marry Sam because he has little time left.

When he comes out of the hospital, Sam is waiting for him outside, but he tries to ignore her because his mother is also waiting for him, which makes Sam unhappy. In the car, his mother introduces him to a surgeon, Dr Neyer. He is a famous doctor, and also he has been friends with his mother for 15 years. His mother orders Clay to be operated on by Dr Neyer because he is a well-known doctor, but he still refuses it. Long story short, Sam, who is tired of her relationship, decides to leave Clay. He finally is able to convince her not to leave him. Then they meet Clay’s mother to reveal their relationship. Sure enough, Clay’s mother still rejects their relationship, but Clay chooses to stay with Sam and leave his mother with determination.

While outside, Clay’s heart disease suddenly recurs again. When Sam wants to give him the medicine. Clay asks her to immediately marry him at that time. They married privately at midnight, even without the blessing of Clay’s mother.

On the day Clay’s heart surgery will be performed, Clay and Sam meet up with Dr. Jack and his friends, Dr. Puttnam and Nurse Penny. Previously, Clay’s mother asks him once again to have him operated on by Dr. Nell. Unfortunately, Clay insists on trusting Dr. Jack because he is his best friend. Because he keeps begging his mother, his mother can only follow his wishes in the end. Suddenly, when the operation is about to start, an unknown doctor named Dr. Larry comes to the operation room. He says that he comes to replace one of the doctors. The operation begins with anesthetizing Clay first. Not long after, Clay slowly begins to lose consciousness.

Strangely, it turns out that he is still half-conscious and can feel his whole body. He is able to hear the doctors’ conversations. He tries to tell them about the strangeness, but he cannot do anything about it because of the drug earlier. It looks like he is confined within his own body. When Dr. Jack dissects his body, and he only can endure the pain without being able to do anything.

In the waiting room, his mother and Sam are chatting while waiting for Clay’s surgery to finish. Suddenly, a doctor sits near Sam and tries to assess her, but she immediately shows him her wedding ring, causing him to leave right away.

Back to the operation room, Dr. Jack tells Dr. Larry to take a break first. Apparently, Dr. Jack and his friends are doing malpractice surgery on Clay. They actually intended to kill him. Clay, who still can listen to their conversation, immediately panics, and he tries to wake up, causing him to have a clairvoyant experience. However, his body is still lying on the operating table. From experience, now he knows Dr. Jack’s plans from the start to kill him. It is also revealed that Sam used to work at the hospital under Dr. Jack, and she has conspired with him against Clay. Sam had a plan to poison the donor heart by injecting Adriamycin to cause heart failure so that he could collect insurance money after Clay,s death to pay off Dr. Jack’s malpractice lawsuits. Clay eventually regrets not listening to his mother’s advice earlier.

Suddenly, he feels pain in his chest, which turns out his heart has been successfully removed and replaced by a heart injected with poison. After his heart is replaced Clay immediately goes into heart failure. Because there is Dr. Larry in the room, they pretend to panic by trying to save Clay’s life. However, clay begins to lose hope at that moment as he knows he is going to die. Meanwhile, Dr. Jack decides to tell his mother about what has happened.

He pretends to be sorry that he has failed the surgery just now. Knowing this, Clay’s mother is shocked and cries in despair. In the midst of her despair, Dr. Larry approaches her and tells her that, in fact, Clay is still alive, but he is being helped by a machine, and he has no heart right now. She immediately sacrifices her own life by consuming Clay’s medicine.

Finally, she kills herself so her heart can be switched for the poisoned one to save Clay. At the right time, Dr. Neyer manages to come to the hospital and take over the operation. As Clay and his mother have their final moments together in spirit form. It turns out that before committing suicide, Clay’s mother is suspicious of Sam.

She then discovers something strange about Sam. She finds some documents in Sam’s bag, showing Sam’s real name, and it turns out she was a nurse before. She also realizes that from the conversations they had before, Sam has been at the hospital before. She then calls Dr. Neyer and tells him about Sam’s true identity and her plan about her suicide for giving a heart donor to Clay.

As a result, Dr. Neyer manages to come and carry out the heart transplant, and the police manage to confront Puttnam and Penny, who are trying to escape from the hospital.

On the other hand, while Sam tries to get away with what she did, Dr. Jack feels guilty, and he holds onto proof so she can also be arrested. Dr. Neyer and his team announce that Clay has come back to life as the new team stitches Clay’s wound. In the afterlife with his mother.

Clay tries to commit suicide to stay with his mother because he says that he has nothing left in his real life. However, he makes his new heart stop beating, and the surgeons have to use the defibrillator in an attempt to revive Clay. As Clay resists being revived, his mother forces Clay to revisit a scene from his childhood, when his mother accidentally killed Clay’s abusive father.

This scene reveals the truth for him and connects his childhood flashbacks.

After seeing this scene, he eventually gives away to revival, and before the surgeons can shock his body again, he allows his new heart to begin beating. Furthermore, Sam is arrested by the police. The film ends with Clay opening his eyes as the surgeons remove the eye tapes while Dr. Jack ends his narration with, “He is awake.”

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