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Summer Drinks To Beat The Heat, Easy Homemade!

Hello Folks! Welcome to summers, time to refresh and refill our body with some of the greatest summer drinks to defeat the heat. To keep your body well hydrated is one of the essential elements to keep going in this scorching heat and sustain good health. Our body loses water very quickly due to sweating. While water is the ultimate vital drink to satisfy your thirst, you can try other summery drinks that quench your thirst and maintain your body temperature. Here we will discuss a collection of summer beverages that you must not skip during this summer. All these summer drinks to beat the heat are simple and easy to make at home with quite common ingredients. But their effectiveness in beating the heat is incredible.

Sattu Sharbat
Have you ever tried this desi summer cold drink to kill the heat? Sattu sharbat is one forte from Punjab that keeps the body cool even through the warmest days. Sattu is the flour; to prepare a sattu sharbat, you need sattu flour, sugar (shakar), and water only. It is not only cool but also filling. You can try this rejuvenating sattu sharbat with salt as well. You would fall in love with this drink.

Aam Panna or Aam Pani
A fabulous lip-smacking cocktail that is equally popular in South Asia is Aam Pani. You need mango, cumin, jeera, and mint leaves to prepare this relishing drink. Blend mango pulp with other ingredients in water and enjoy the tickling taste of the mixture.

Watermelon Juice
Watermelon is a great gift of nature. Its vital quality of hydration and its refreshing taste make it superior.
Among the best summer fruits, watermelon is also used to prepare a shake or juice. Do not forget to wash the watermelon clean before slicing it. You can add some soda to give this juice an extra sparkle.

Limu Paani Or Lemonade (shakanjbeen)
How can we forget the most wanted summer drink, our very own limu paani or lemonade? An easy and quick-to-make beverage. It has uncountable health benefits plus an amazingly delicious taste. You can prepare this drink using mint leaves, lemons, sugar, salt, and water. An additional flavor can be given by adding spices like cumin, coriander powder, black pepper to make it amusingly delicious.

Do you think there is anything better than Lassi to beat the summer heat? A glass of cold, smooth, and creamy Lassi obtained from fine yogurt is a great summer cooler. The best thing is, you can effortlessly add many variants to it, from classic to mint, avocado, mango, banana walnut lassi, and many more. If you never tried any of these yet, worry not. Lassi is a specialty of Punjab but loved all over South Asia.

Sugarcane Juice (Gannay ka Rass/ Row)
Consumption of sugarcane juice as a natural remedy many health problems has a long history. It works like an energy drink and helps to build up plasma and many other essential body fluids. It also enables you to counter dehydration and dullness. The addition of mint leaves to it will improve the taste and effectiveness of your summer drink.

Zeera Pani (JalJeera)
Roast a spoon of cumin seeds (Zeera) and crush it into bristly powder. Add this powder to water according to your taste. Add ice to make it chill, and here you go! This drink is best for people facing digestive problems, particularly in summers. Drink a chilled glass of Jaljeera and bear summers like never.

So what are you waiting for? Gear up and relish these summer drinks to beat the heat and ensure a happy and healthy summer 2021!

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