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Tips for Gardening Flowering Plants in Hanging Baskets

Garden can give your house an artistically unique look. Gardening ornamental plants loaded with beautiful green leaves and colorful flowers not only reflects your refined taste and love towards nature but it’s a healthy hobby that allows you to spend you leisure time in a pretty fruitful way.

In my last article I tried to provide you the basic guideline to cultivate a garden at your home. Today we will discuss some interesting ways to improve its beauty by Hanging Baskets with full of flowers.
One of the many plus points of hanging baskets is that they don’t occupy the floor space. They give your garden an additional charm with flowering plants grown beautifully in them and give your garden an attractive look that catches the eyes of everyone. These baskets can be hung in your porch area, verandah, patio and terrace also. These baskets do not require any extra care.

Readymade hanging baskets fully loaded with beautiful flowering plants and ornamental grass are easily available in market but not all of you have an adequate knowledge about plants. You bring them home and when after few days or weeks they start drying and dying or stop giving new flowers leaving you disappointed

Obviously you bought them to beautify your home with blooming flowers but you made some mistakes while buying them. Always buy a hanging basket with growing plant having new fresh green leaves on it. There must be some space between the plants for new growth in the pot. Because a fully covered pot will have little space for new plants and after few days because of over growth it will start turning dull and dry.

Water is a very much important ingredient of gardening. Water your hanging baskets carefully on regular basis. But rest assure that let the plant dry off completely before watering. Over watering your hanging basket plants will kill them too.

Unlike other plants your hanging baskets and pots need to be changed more often. When a plant starts looking dry and dull you must repot it immediately. Take the plant out of the pot along with its roots carefully, trim its roots and then plant it in a new pot. You can divide this plant into two pots as well and make a new basket.

indoor hanging plants

Ants and other pests can also attack your hanging plants. Keep checking your plants because these ants and pests eat not only the leaves but they can attack the roots also. Over watering is an invitation to many pests. Pesticide sprays can be used to avoid insects and pests.

Keep the soil well-draining as congested soil can destroy the plants in hanging pots. You might have seen a plate under a hanging pot, it is meant to collect the drained water. Keep that plate dry, because this water can rot the roots of the plant causing its death..

Bacopa, Begonia, Fuchsia, Lobelia, Lofos, Ferns, Chinese roses, purple hearts, petunias and many more beautiful colorful flower plants are easily available in the market. You can pick any of your choice and a visually unique touch to your home and garden.
Wish you a joyous farming!!


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