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How to Apply Perfect Lipstick, Tips & Tricks

Lipstick makes a difference, it gives you opportunity to shape your lips according to your choice. You can make your thin lips look bigger, bolder n sexier with lipstick. There is a wide range of colors and shades of glossy, shimmer and matte colors available in market.lipstick

To reshape your lips all you need to do is to cover your natural lip line with foundation while applying the foundation base. Choice of the color is also very much important. Dark colors are for darker complexions and light colors are suitable for people with lighter skin tone. Likewise if you are doing make up for evening or night event then you must wear darker shades and vice versa. No doubt you will keep the color scheme of your outfits and accessories in mind as well. The wrong choice of the shade or a thick lip liner are such drastic mistakes that can ruin your whole look. Make up can never be complete without lipstick.lipstick

How to Apply Lipstick Artistically It’s not much difficult to get perfect and ideal lips. Follow the simple steps to apply color to your lip.

1. Apply foundation on your lips, it will provide you base for your lipstick and will allow you to make amendments in your natural lip shape.

2. Take a sharp lip pencil and start with the v of the upper lip and draw a fine line with outward strokes to the outer corner of the lips. After completing with both sides of upper lip start from the middle of the lower lip and finish towards corners with short strokes as well. Lip pencil must be applied on a closed mouth. A blunt pencil will not give you a fine lip line and it will make blending difficult for you. If you are happy with your natural lip line you can follow it.lipstick

3. If you want your lips look heavier and bigger apply the liner on the outer edge of the natural lip line. Rest assure that you will not go over the natural lip line. For smaller and thinner lips you are to follow the inside of the natural lip line.

4. Fill your whole lips with foundation base before applying lipstick. It will help your lipstick to stay longer on your lips. If you are going to wear some lighter color of the lipstick use a liner with lighter color too. Dark colored liner will darken the color of lipstick.

5. After filling your lips with liner apply the lipstick with a lip brush. Lipstick brush gives you better control on your application and you get better results. When the lipstick is evenly applied place a tissue paper between your lips and press them gently to blot.lipstick

6. Apply a second coat for richer and fresher look. You can finish it with a lip gloss also. Now you are ready to go out with confidence of beautiful subtle lips but don’t forget to take your lipstick in your hand bag with you. Time to time touch ups will be needed. If you are new to make up, it will take you some time to learn how to carry it without “eating” it. Lipstick not only gives you a charming look but it also prevents you from dry and cracked lips.lipstick

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