Top 10 Romantic Movies of All Time

Hi Guys,Here is My list of  Top 10 Romantic Movies of All Time from Hollywood.
top 10 romantic movies

#10. Bandslam

Will and Charlotte, two music lovers, who form an improbable connection through music only. Trying to gather a like-minded squad of oddballs, they finally succeeded to form a rock band and perform in a grand competition of bands called “Bandslam”.

Charlotte wishes to defy her ex in this battle of the bands. She needs Will to help her to manage the band. Vanessa Hudgens, starring the pretty lead singer who eventually falls in love with Will. Rock star David Bowie has also played a role in this romantic comedy drama.top 10 romantic movies

#9. The Proposal.

Sandra Bullock plays an inflexible book editor who’s  staff doesn’t like her at all. When she learns she’s being deported to Canada due to expired visa, she convinces her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) to act as her fiance. But when her visa issues get resolved, they realize, what they started as a business deal, had turned into a real romance.top 10 romantic movies

#8. Across The Universe

It’s a multi starrer musical romantic drama, story of two strugglers, Jude and Lucy, who moved to New York, is weaved around the songs by The Beatles. Jim Sturgess, Evan Rachel Wood, Joe Anderson and T.V. Carpio, and introducing Dana Fuchs and Martin Luther McCoy performed their roles well. Bono, Eddie Izzard, Joe Cocker, and Salma Hayek made their cameo appearances in it. The film got nominated for one Oscar.top 10 romantic movies

#7. The Notebook

The film stars Ryan Gosling (Noah) and Rachel McAdams (Allie) as a beautiful young couple who falls madly in love, at a carnival, in 1940. But Allie’s rich family refused to accept poor Noah and separated them.  Don’t forget to keep a tissue paper box next to you before watching this tear-jerker.top 10 romantic movies

#6. A Walk To Remember

The famous novel by Nicholas Spark turned into a beautiful romance drama. The story sets in somewhere in North Carolina, Mandy Moore plays a girl suffering from a fatal disease. Her life severely changes when she comes across a boy who is completely opposite to her. She warns him not to fall for her.top 10 romantic movies

#5. (500) Days Of Summer

It’s a story of a girl who believes that true love doesn’t exist. But Tom thinks that she is her dream girl. Summer tells him clearly that she doesn’t want him as her love mate. The broken hearted lover spends his rest of summer days obsessing over his beloved. It’s a watchable offbeat love story.top 10 romantic movies

#4. Adventureland


The story of a recent college grad James (Jesse Eisenberg) who is planning to visit Europe to search a career in journalism. Though, financial hitches lead him to a lame summer job in Adventureland (an amusement park in his hometown) . There he meets and falls in love with Emily (Kristen Stewart), his co-worker. Emi, a disillusioned young girl, is involved with a married guy (Ryan Renolds). And here comes the twists in the story.top 10 romantic movies

#3. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

the story starts when teenager Norah (Dennings) asks Nick (Cera) to act like her boyfriend for few minutes.  They have nothing in common but love for indie rock. While trying to find their favorite band’s secret show and searching for Norah’s drunken best buddy, young couple comes to know that they have fallen in love. The movie is filmed in New York, one of the greatest city in the world.top 10 romantic movies

#2. Love Actually

This smart tale of more than ten couples sets during a month before Christmas in London.  The lovers from different age groups n classes are trying to discover  various forms of love. The British Prime Minister falls for a honeyed fellow of his house  staff, an eleven-year-old boy believes that he understands what  the true love is, a brokenhearted author falls in love with housekeeper and a wedding tape exposes that the groom’s best friend is in love with the bride.top 10 romantic movies

#1. Twilight

A teenage girl Bella risks her life when she falls in love with a vampire Edward. It’s like a sheep falling in love with a lion. A hundred years old vampire tries to overcome his wild urge to suck his human beloved’s blood. Despite the difference of their age, diet and lifestyle the couple manages to make the things right for them. The film has great suspense, thrill, horror and action as well.

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